Monday, August 27, 2007

Things I didn't want to own until I became a home owner

I have new consumer desires that were never a problem before I became a home owner, but now, there is weird stuff I want to own, such as:
1. a shovel
2. new windows
3. a really good vacuum
4. a weed wacker
5. a hose with no holes in it
6. a shop vac
7. a tree limb trimmer
8. a caulking gun
9. a garden hoe
10. a good quality 20 foot extension cord

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I think my dog is an ESFP

Back in my graduate school years, when I lived with Lou and Renae, I was irritated more than once by Lou decreeing the personality type of my stuffed dog. I'm over it. Joie and I decided today that we think Bianca is an ESFP. She is most definately an extroverted feeler. She makes noises for everything. She's obsessed with having her toys within her reach, so we thought Sensing, and she can change her activities on a whim without any thought to what she was pursuing before, thus Perceiver.
This morning she sat at the top of the stairs and whined because she heard activitiy downstairs and wanted to go see the kids. I called her to the kitchen and told her to eat her breakfast, which she went and did, totally forgetting about the children. I have a very odd dog.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Things I'm looking forward to in the fall

Because it's been soooo hot, many folks are commenting that they are ready for fall to arrive. I am one of them. In anticipation of cooler weather, here is my list of things I'm looking forward to (this is not a top 10 list):
1. A new season of Grey's Anatomy
2. Not caring that my car's air conditioning is broken
3. Wearing my favorite fleece jacket and my new polyester jacket
4. Sitting outside and not having under-knee sweat
5. Camping
6. Bianca being finished with shedding
7. Afternoon/Evening walks
8. Raking leaves
9. Open windows
10. Husker Football

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Seniors lobby Council to restore aging program

riotous mob
This picture cracks me up. These seniors are up in arms about the city budget cuts for their programs. They are the picture of angry revoltists.
Since my Scooter's job is right next to the aging center, I feel a bit "in the know" regarding the cuts to the seniors' programs. I am against it, as the seniors actually use the programs and the senior centers, it is a huge part of their livelyhood. It costs the city very little compared to other programs. And, do we really need to drop the kind of cash that is needed to put in brick crosswalks on South Street? If we don't provide seniors with programs, then as the baby boomers age and become seniors, they'll all be hanging out at Scooter's.