Friday, June 29, 2007

Cherry Urine Woman update

I talked to the cherry urine woman today. She said that the rash she had was indeed from an allergic reaction. This is congruent with my diagnosis. There was aspirin in her medication, to which she is severely allergic. We all hope she recovers quickly so she can make even more frequent trips to Scooters.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Why I should be a doctor

As a Scooter's barista I come into contact with many random individuals with unique backgrounds. My workmate Jared has dubbed one of them "the cherry urine woman". I will call her Heather, because that's her name. She came in the other day and asked me if I knew about vericose veins. I told her my grandma had some removed once or twice. She then had me examine her legs, exclaiming that it just came on yesterday and was covering her legs. I told her it was probably a rash and not vericose veins, but she should seek a doctor's opinion. She said she had seen her M.D. and he said she should put aloe vera on them. She then tried to show me her back, which I declined to see. In leaving she said that I should be a doctor, because lots of people probably ask me for my medical opinion, since I work at a coffee shop. I immediately began studying for the MCATs. I guess I need to know a lot more if I'm going to be in the coffee business.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


So, after Rebecca's comment about my being a verbal processor and not blogging, here are my two excuses.
1. My parents bought the house across the street from me as a rental, so I have been busy with the details of fixing it up and other laborious tasks. I am looking for rentors by the way (3 BR, 2 bath, refinished hardwood floors, a must see. Call for an appointment.)
2. I have been watching Season One of House, M.D. and I'm hooked. There are 4 episodes on a disk and I'm on disk 4. It's witty, so I like it.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

kayak at sunrise

On Memorial Day we arose early and took our kayaks to a lake nearby my aunt's place. We paddled around drinking coffee as the sun came up. Amazing.