Sunday, February 17, 2008

sparkly white

my new toothbrushI absolutely love getting a new toothbrush. After my week long virus, I deemed it time to pitch my old brush and buy a new one. I don't mind dropping $5 on a new toothbrush, and I stand in the toothbrush aisle for at least 10 minutes browsing all of the possibilities. I have settled on Oral B for my brand of choice. The best thing about a new toothbrush--the first brushing. Ahhhhhh.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

So, lately I've been thinking

The stuff running through my mind lately is:

I really like black beans and rice.

When is it going to warm up? I really want to go outside and hang out with my neighbors. 

Walkin' in Memphis, do I really feel the way I feel?  

My friend Renae is a Momma.

Is it worth it to wash my car? 

I'm really excited that Ben Loos is the new assistant pastor at Grace Chapel.

I think change is in the air.  Will I freak out or trust God this time?

Is that sound coming from my hairdryer safe?

I should probably buy a new toothbrush.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Humility Virus

Since last Friday afternoon, I have been home sick with a virus.  It has sapped me of all energy and most of my humor.  I have had mock-able hair for those of you who enjoy picking on creative bedhead style.  I have had to muster the energy to get out of bed for a drink of water, of which I would have only taken sips.  I rejected offers of food, and subsisted on apple juice, chicken noodle soup, and fruit smoothies.  I have not at all felt like myself.  My dog has become over protective, rarely leaving my side, and barking at absolutely anyone who would arrive at our door.  She has been given back very limited bed rights, too.  If I'm in bed, she can be on the bed (I needed the companionship and body heat).  My roommates have been ever willing to help, fetching me food and drink, shoveling, letting the dog in and out, feeding the dog, being empathetic--good stuff.I went to the doctor Monday afternoon to find out I had a virus that just needed to run its course.  It's not virus she had seen as of late.  I have decided that it is the Humility Virus.  I feel absolutely helpless, and I hate asking for help.  I have had to rely on others for an entire week.  My bosses at work have been way to kind, letting me take all this time off and telling me to call if I need anything.  Allowing me to go home Wednesday after a 2 1/2 hour attempt at working that left me in bed the rest of the day recovering.   A male friend who had been over doing some handy-work commented to another guy that I actually looked like death (my self-esteem soared).  We had a weekend guest who has no idea what I really look like and her ex-boyfriend has now seen me at my worst.  I realize that looks mean little, but they are something of who we are, who we want to portray ourselves to be.In an effort not to neglect my blog any longer, this is what you get.  I dedicate this one to Renae 22 who had been bored lately with the lack of updates, and though she has been the primary force-feeder in my house during the Humility Virus, she still thought I needed to buck up and blog to keep her entertained.I hope to see many of you in real life soon, and predict there may be some Brook sightings in the very near future.  Until then, wash your hands regularly.